15 Tips for A Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Dear foodie tribe,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you are spending it alone or with immediate/extended family, I hope my two cents could be helpful in handling this big holiday meal.

In the short video below I am sharing all the Thanksgiving lessons I’ve learned the hard way over the last twelve years.

I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the first time, one year after I was a naturalized American.

It was fairly stressful to cook a full Thanksgiving meal for the first time, on my own, to American guests who perfectly know the tradition.

For what it is worth, I hosted that first daunting Thanksgiving dinner in Paris, where I was living back then. The lack of some of the holiday staples made the mission all the more challenging, but not impossible.

I vividly remember the side dishes I cooked that day. Some failed miserably and the rest were OK, yet, the turkey (cooked in a roasting bag) was a big success. It came out juicy and so tender.

From that year on, every Thanksgiving dinner became easier and more enjoyable.

No one can claim perfectionism when it is comes to Thanksgiving dinner. Eventually, some dishes will outshine others. That said, the secret of a successful Thanksgiving dinner goes beyond the food.

A heart full of gratefulness and an inclusive dinner table that goes beyond our skin color, political convictions, or our faith differences is what makes Thanksgiving a merry American holiday.

Wishing you all a happy THANKSGIVING!

I would love to read your personal experiences with hosting Thanksgiving dinner below in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “15 Tips for A Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Great reminders on this Thanksgiving. For the 1st time in over 40 years, we are not enjoying a big meal with my husband’s extended family. What we are discovering, if that a slower pace with more individualized time with our two adult daughters and their families, has brought a different kind of joy to the day. We will ‘celebrate’ at our homes, rather than join together, but we did divide the food responsibilities. A son-in-law with a new Traeger Smoker did a small turkey for my husband and me, while our other daughter and husband took care of the desserts. I contributed the traditional dressing (divided into 3 small pans for baking), the gravy, and our traditional Tabouli. We met briefly last evening for a quick visit and food exchange, and today is totally stress-free. Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for the encouragement over the year!

    1. Roberta, thank you so much for sharing your tradition here! I am glad you had quality times with your loved ones. I am pleased beyond words to know that my blog posts sent positive vibes to you. Thank you so much 😊. Happy Thanksgiving my dear.

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