I am Nermine, a former diplomat, food and travel writer, and staunch advocate of Culinary Diplomacy.

My food stories emphasize the values of human empowerment, coexistence, and harmony.

At the young age of 22, I  joined the foreign service. Yet, after a decade focused primarily on my career, I chose the road less traveled.  I fearlessly embraced a new chapter of social entrepreneurship, motherhood, and expat life.

Leading a nomadic lifestyle, I lived across five different continents and fairly distinct capitals:  Cairo, Washington D.C., Guatemala, Paris, Yerevan, to name a few. Currently, I am based in Singapore.

My extraordinary journey across the globe has tremendously broadened my perspectives, tuned my senses, and awakened my palate.

A self-initiated program to empower Syrian refugee women was a significant turning point in my existence.  Their evocative food stories triggered my passion for Food Writing and Food Photography.

While assisting refugees to document their endangered culinary heritage, I came to perceive the smitten power of food storytelling in preserving identities, challenging stereotypes, and bridging cultures.

To hone my storytelling and photographic skills, I embarked on an engaging, fine learning experience. The Food Writing workshops at Gotham Writers and the progressive Photography Classes by the renowned Andrew Scrivani and Todd & Diane Cu Porter propelled my craft to a whole new level, bringing into life my digital presence: http://www.cheznermine.com

“Against all odds, food brings us together.” that is the wisdom behind Chez Nermine.

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