The Art of Forging Bonds Through Culinary Diplomacy: Episode #031 of The Storied Recipe Podcast

Recently, Becky Hadid, the talented food photographer/blogger, and seasoned host of  The Storied Recipe Podcast reached out, asking me to share with her audience my journey with food and diplomacy.

It is the story that started in the cosmopolitan city of Alexandria, Egypt, and then in Cairo where I studied political science to lead after the most extraordinary life across five continents.

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Culinary diplomacy At Its Best: Thanksgiving Video

It was a huge honor and real pleasure to team up with the U.S. embassy in Singapore to create a video about Thanksgiving tradition.  I am grateful to the hardworking and talented team behind the creation of such an immaculate piece of Culinary Diplomacy. Working on this video was a heartwarming experience where I enjoyed […]

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Semi-Homemade Apple Pie & Bourbon-Salted Caramel

  Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for a large crowd calls for plenty of resourcefulness and serious time-planning skills. As I mentioned in my previous post: Thanksgiving Dinner Made Easy: Lessons Learned the Hard Way,  storebought quintessential ingredients rush to our rescue when we are totally overwhelmed by the number of dishes we have to make […]

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