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Hello! Welcome to Chez Nermine, your Egyptian oasis of DELICIOUS heritage food, steeped in 7000 years of history.

My name is Nermine Mansour, former diplomat, Egyptian-American content creator and staunch Advocate for Egyptian Cuisine.

My story with food blogging goes back to a decade ago, when I landed in Washington in DC as an immigrant.

To my surprise, Egyptian Cuisine was non existent on the culinary map. Me too, I was non-existent on the map.

I had zero friends, zero family support and of course zero professional record.  Yet, I had a family of two kids under 3 years old and a wonderful foodie husband, for whom I cooked up a storm every day. 

Amid a great sense of isolation, cooking became my outlet and my sanity anchor and that is how I started blogging about food. 

Back then, I had no courage to share my food writing with the world, so kept my food blog private. When my two kids started going to school, I restored my daytime back and decided to take matter in my hands and build the life and career of my dream.

I immersed myself in an intense learning experience, to hone my storytelling, food writing and food photographic skills. 

Leveraging my passion for cooking and also my public diplomacy as a former diplomat, I devoted myself to promote Egyptian Cuisine in the US and across the globe. 

As a trailing spouse, I lived across five different continents and fairly distinct capitals: Washington D.C., Guatemala, Paris, Yerevan, Singapore, just to name a few.

This extraordinary nomad journey has tuned my senses, and awakened my palate. However, the real leap happened during my three year journey in Paris.

In the city of light, I revised all my Egyptian heritage recipe with fresh techniques to make them palatable and refined without watering down their authenticity. 

The Food Writing workshops at Gotham Writers and the progressive photography classes by the renowned Andrew Scrivani and Todd & Diane Cu Porter propelled my craft to a whole new level.

Now my brand Chez Nermine is up and running offering consumers and food brands multiple services. 

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