Mesaka’a (Vegan Eggplant & Pepper bake): مسقعة صيامي

Egyptian Mesaka'a

Sweet, acidic, and spicy, Egyptian Mesaka’a hits all your taste buds at once. Mesaka’a is formed of layers of meaty fried eggplants studded with mild and spicy pepper, smothered under rich garlicky-tomato sauce and warmed with a touch of cumin.

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Samar’s Beetroot-Baba Ghanoug Dip: Cooking In Style

Beetroot and Baba Ganoug is bursting with colors as well as flavors, and nutrition benefits. You can top it with nuts, seeds , small greens leaves ( parsley, micro-greens..etc) , fruits ( pomegranate is the best choice ) and for non vegans it’s awesome with goat cheese, crumbled ricotta or cottage cheese. And above all, its ready in just 30 minutes.

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