One Pot Kushari: كشرى الحلة الواحدة

Kushari served with crisp fried shallots, daqqah, shatta (chili garlic sauce), & salsa (mild tomato-garlic sauce)

Kushari (Koshari) is the king of vegan Egyptian street food. It includes heaps of playful vermicelli-rice, mixed with lentils and al dente pasta, topped with crispy fried shallots and drizzled with three different sauces: tangy, mild and fiery.  Using just one pot, you can easily make Kushari in your own kitchen.

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Kushari (Egypt’s Iconic Vegan Street Food): كشري

Kushari, Koshari or Koushari is a must-try Egyptian vegan street food that you could easily create in your own kitchen.  It encompasses heaps of playful vermicelli rice, mixed with cooked-to-perfection lentils, tender chickpeas, topped with crispy fried onions and, served with two sauce: a fiery tomato sauce, and Daqqah, a tangy, cumin spiked vinegar-garlic condiment.

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