Batata Harra (Lebanese Vegan Spicy Potato Salad)

Batata Harra is a plant-based, spicy, Lebanese potato salad that is best served hot. It is a delectable mezzah that also makes a perfect side dish. Its golden hues will brighten up your menu.

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Foul Medames (Egyptian Stew of Fava Beans) فول مدمس

Foul medames or ful Madams (stew of fava beans)

Egyptian “Foul Medames” (stew of fava bean is Egypt’s quintessential breakfast and an unmistakable street food staple. In this blog post, you will learn how to make stew of fava beans in your slow cooker, at the comfort of your own home.

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Feteer Al Malak (Archangel Michael Bread) فطير الملاك

Archangel Michael is a light vegan alternative to rich eggy brioche. It is a traditional pastry of the Coptic Christian minority of Egypt. Traditionally, the matriarch bakes it on behalf of her family to ask St. Michael for his protection and guidance.

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