Dahdah: Jordanian Semolina Dessert with a Walnut-Cinnamon Filling

Dahdah is a Jordanian vibrant dessert that is nor crunchy, nor cakey, it tastes like a large crumbly cookie that collapses once you bite into it. The pungency of the cinnamon note definitely gives it an edge and pairs so well with the walnut.  The addition of turmeric lends the cake its vibrant, happy color

This dessert is put together in no time if you crush the roasted walnuts and clarify your butter in advance. Having said this, store-bought clarified butter will do just fine.

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Kushari: Essential Lent Crowd Pleaser

Kushari, Koshari or Koushari is a must-try Egyptian vegan street food that you could easily create in your own kitchen.  It encapsulates heaps of playful vermicelli rice, mixed with cooked-to-perfection lentils, tender chickpeas, topped with crispy fried onions and, served with two sauce: a fiery tomato sauce, and Daqqah, a tangy, cumin spiked vinegar-garlic condiment.

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Stewed Fava Beans “Foul Medames”: The Unconditional Love

Foul Medames or Stew of Fava bean is a Middle Eastern breakfast, brunch and sometimes dinner. It is an unmistakable street food staple in Egypt. Fava beans is, by far, the white canvas of legumes dishes.  A very forgiving and inclusive dish, it proves to be.  It could be spiced up or down, cooked with either butter or oil, with or without tomato sauce, mixed with eggs or served vegan.

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