Beef Bone Broth: Countdown to Coptic Christmas

Beef Bone Broth is a quintessential ingredient in my Egyptian festive dishes. I make it using quality beef bones, aromatic herbs, vegetables, and spices. This bone broth is known for its rich collagen and its impact on slowing aging and boosting the immune system. I use this broth as a liquid agent to cook my rolled grape leaves, jeweled rice, meat soups, and stews, just to name a few.

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Egyptian Pumpkin-Milk Pudding: Hanna’s Recipe

Egyptian Pumpkin-Milk Pudding is a dish that hails from Egypt and exists in different variations. This recipe credit goes to Hanna, my parents loveliest Egyptian neighbor who is a seasoned cook in her own right. I left Egypt over twelve years ago, nonetheless, I vividly and fondly remember the taste of Hanna’s Pumpkin-Milk Pudding dish […]

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Semsemeya Or Egyptian Sesame Candy: Sweetness Beyond Taste

The sweetness of some childhood candies go beyond their taste! Don’t you agree? I grew up as a Christian minority in a Muslim dominant country but can’t write enough about the affection that tied me with my Muslim neighbors, friends, colleagues, and mentors.

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How To Make Jordanian Dahdah

Dahdah is a vibrant Jordanian dessert that is not crunchy, nor cakey. It tastes like a large crumbly cookie that collapses once you bite into it. The pungency of the cinnamon notes definitely gives it an edge and pairs well with the walnut. The addition of turmeric lends the cake its vibrant, happy color

This dessert is put together in no time if you crush the roasted walnuts and clarify your butter in advance. Having said this, store-bought clarified butter will do just fine.

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Kushari (Egypt’s Iconic Vegan Street Food): كشري

Kushari, Koshari or Koushari is a must-try Egyptian vegan street food that you could easily create in your own kitchen.  It encompasses heaps of playful vermicelli rice, mixed with cooked-to-perfection lentils, tender chickpeas, topped with crispy fried onions and, served with two sauce: a fiery tomato sauce, and Daqqah, a tangy, cumin spiked vinegar-garlic condiment.

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Foul Medames (Egyptian Stew of Fava Beans) فول مدمس

Foul medames or ful Madams (stew of fava beans)

Egyptian “Foul Medames” (stew of fava bean is Egypt’s quintessential breakfast and an unmistakable street food staple. In this blog post, you will learn how to make stew of fava beans in your slow cooker, at the comfort of your own home.

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