San Giovanni Bread: All you knead is love.

SAN JIOVANNI bread is a favorite childhood bread that I grew up eating in my hometown Alexandria, Egypt. It has a pillowy interior and crusty, golden exterior. The flavor of that bread is elevated by the addition of orange zest, mastic and mahleb. It is freezer friendly and pretty versatile as it makes excellent sandwich bread, panini toast, as well as a luscious accompaniment to soak up the sauce of a hearty stew.

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Makdous (Pickled Stuffed Eggplants): The Jeweled Appetizer

Makdous is a Middle Eastern appetizer that originates in the Levant. Typically, it is made of baby eggplants, stuffed with toasted walnuts, roasted capsicum, red chili, and drenched in olive oil. This is a twisted version that untraditionally contains pomegranate seeds to balance the saltiness and heat.

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Foul Medames (Egyptian Stew of Fava Beans) فول مدمس

Foul medames or ful Madams (stew of fava beans)

Egyptian “Foul Medames” (stew of fava bean is Egypt’s quintessential breakfast and an unmistakable street food staple. In this blog post, you will learn how to make stew of fava beans in your slow cooker, at the comfort of your own home.

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