Samar’s Beetroot-Baba Ghanoug Dip: Cooking In Style

Beetroot and Baba Ganoug is bursting with colors as well as flavors, and nutrition benefits. You can top it with nuts, seeds , small greens leaves ( parsley, micro-greens..etc) , fruits ( pomegranate is the best choice ) and for non vegans it’s awesome with goat cheese, crumbled ricotta or cottage cheese. And above all, its ready in just 30 minutes.

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Kabab Hala bel Batates: Egyptian Meat Stew & Potatoes

Kabab Hala is an iconic Egyptian meat stew that is associated with feasts and social gatherings. It is a slowly cooked chuck roast that is drenched in dark, velvety sauce infused by collapsed caramelized onions and an assortment of warm spices. Kabab Hala makes an easy to make Crockpot or slow cooker meal.

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Foul Medames (Egyptian Stew of Fava Beans) فول مدمس

Foul medames or ful Madams (stew of fava beans)

Egyptian “Foul Medames” (stew of fava bean is Egypt’s quintessential breakfast and an unmistakable street food staple. In this blog post, you will learn how to make stew of fava beans in your slow cooker, at the comfort of your own home.

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