How To Make Jordanian Dahdah

Dahdah is a vibrant Jordanian dessert that is not crunchy, nor cakey. It tastes like a large crumbly cookie that collapses once you bite into it. The pungency of the cinnamon notes definitely gives it an edge and pairs well with the walnut. The addition of turmeric lends the cake its vibrant, happy color

This dessert is put together in no time if you crush the roasted walnuts and clarify your butter in advance. Having said this, store-bought clarified butter will do just fine.

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Makdous (Pickled Stuffed Eggplants): The Jeweled Appetizer

Makdous is a Middle Eastern appetizer that originates in the Levant. Typically, it is made of baby eggplants, stuffed with toasted walnuts, roasted capsicum, red chili, and drenched in olive oil. This is a twisted version that untraditionally contains pomegranate seeds to balance the saltiness and heat.

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