Connecting with the Greek Roots

Hello everyone. In this new episode of Chez Nermine, I meet with the wonderful Food Writer and Cooking Coach, Despina Panagakos Yeargin.

Born in Greece, raised in Australia and now living in the U.S., Despina has the most interesting stories to share about her passion for her Greek food heritage. 

Cooking was an integral part of Despina ‘s healing path after the devastating loss of her mom. 

In addition to many key professional roles she assumed over the course of her life, Despina always found herself revolving around art in general and food specifically.

Currently, she is working on her dream cookbook, Greek Heritage Cooking Simplified, where she is offering a time-efficient version of elaborate traditional Greek dishes. 

In the middle of Covid-19 first lockdown, Despina started an initiative on Instagram, #tomatotoast, encouraging people from all walks of life to use their creativity and share their vision of tomato toast in all of its variations. You can still find all of the contributions in the highlights of her Instagram account.

Get to know Despina better and watch this riveting zoom chat.  

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