Why Dry Brine Works Best for Turkeys: Thanksgiving Series

Dry brine is a no mess, no fuss technique that makes the turkey flesh so juicy and moist, as it breaks up the bird protein.  Compared to brine solution, dry brine takes half the time whether to prepare or to apply on the turkey. 

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Simit: The Luxury of Simple Life

stock Image @Canva

Simit is a delicious Egyptian street snack and omnipresent in local bakeries. It is a crusty, yet soft bagel-like bread coated with sesame. It is usually served with Egyptian Duqqah and hard boiled eggs.

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Ruz Belkhalta: Egyptian Festive Rice : رز بالخلطة

Ruz Bealkhalta is a wholesome, Egyptian festive rice dish with amped up flavors. Traditionally, the rice is cooked with chicken’s kidneys and gizzards and garnished with raisins and nuts. In addition to its unmistakable aromas and distinct flavors, the dish offers several health benefits as it is rich in omega 3 and protein.

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