Egyptian Peas-Carrots-Beef Stew بسلة و جزر

Bessela (Bazella) We Gazar is an economic, yet mouthwatering and easy Egyptian stew of carrots, peas, and beef chuck. It is a healthy dish, that you can resort to as an easy weekend dinner. 

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Fried Kobeba/Kibbeh Recipe كبيبة أو كبة

Kobeba pronounced as Ko-Be-Bah, (also known as Kibbeh) is a delightful festive appetizer or side dish made of crispy, wafer-thin crust of bulgur and meat that encases a luscious ground meat mixed with nuts and raisins.

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Qatayef Recipe: No-Fail Middle Eastern Pancakes قطايف

Atayef filled with Cream and drizzled with simple syrup.

This is a no-fail Qatayef recipe that comes with traditional and non traditional filling options. Qatayef is a quitessional treat during Ramadan that is made of pancake-like batter, filled with nuts, cheese, or cream. Some are folded in a half moon shape and deep fried, while others are cone-shaped and filled with
Ashta (clotted cream), sprinkled with nuts and drizzled with simple syrup.  

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