Buftek (Egyptian Fried Beef Steak): بوفتيك

Buftek (Egyptian fried Steak)

Buftek is Egyptian fried steak. It is an iconic meat delicatessen that scores high among adults as well as kids. Try to make it once in your kitchen and you will become a huge fan. 

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Egyptian Peas-Carrots-Beef Stew بسلة و جزر

Bessela (Bazella) We Gazar is an economic, yet mouthwatering and easy Egyptian stew of carrots, peas, and beef chuck. It is a healthy dish, that you can resort to as an easy weekend dinner. 

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Fried Kobeba/Kibbeh Recipe كبيبة أو كبة

Kobeba pronounced as Ko-Be-Bah, (also known as Kibbeh) is a delightful festive appetizer or side dish made of crispy, wafer-thin crust of bulgur and meat that encases a luscious ground meat mixed with nuts and raisins.

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