Semsemeya Or Egyptian Sesame Candy: Sweetness Beyond Taste

The sweetness of some childhood candies go beyond their taste! Don’t you agree? I grew up as a Christian minority in a muslim dominant country but can’t write enough about the affection that tied me with my muslim neighbors, friends, colleagues, and mentors.

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Feteer Meshaltet Helw: Try this Ancient Egyptian Flaky Sweet Pastry

The recipe of Feteer Helw or Egyptian sweet flaky pastry probably dates back to the ancient Egyptian civilization.  According to some resources, this pastry was made by ancient Egyptians and offered as an oblation to the pharaohs’ worshiped gods back then. It is made of simple ingredients, yet its flavors and textures are unrivaled.

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Dahdah: Jordanian Semolina Dessert with a Walnut-Cinnamon Filling

Dahdah is a Jordanian vibrant dessert that is nor crunchy, nor cakey, it tastes like a large crumbly cookie that collapses once you bite into it. The pungency of the cinnamon note definitely gives it an edge and pairs so well with the walnut.  The addition of turmeric lends the cake its vibrant, happy color

This dessert is put together in no time if you crush the roasted walnuts and clarify your butter in advance. Having said this, store-bought clarified butter will do just fine.

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Independence Ice Cream Cake: Happy 4th of July America

This showstopper ice cream cake is a winner and a keeper.  It is easy to make, leaves a long-lasting impression, and festive enough to celebrate the 4th of July. My rendition of Independence Ice Cream Cake is a cross between an ice cream bomb and a baked Alaska cake.

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The Art of Forging Bonds Through Culinary Diplomacy: Episode #031 of The Storied Recipe Podcast

Recently, Becky Hadid, the talented food photographer/blogger, and seasoned host of  The Storied Recipe Podcast reached out, asking me to share with her audience my journey with food and diplomacy.

It is the story that started in the cosmopolitan city of Alexandria, Egypt, and then in Cairo where I studied political science to lead after the most extraordinary life across five continents.

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Lemon-Yogurt-Blueberry Cake : The Summer Harbinger

Yogurt-Lemon-Blueberry Cake is a summer cake that is pleasantly moist, zesty, fragrant, and studded with juicy blueberry. Its smooth texture and refreshing notes make it a perfect treat for dessert or tea time.

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