Serious Eats, March 2023  

In March 2023, Serious Eats published four iconic Egyptian recipes that I developed for the platform.

Featured in Serious Eats
Featured in Serious Eats

Serious Eats is a Dotdash brand, is an award-winning food and drink website visited by over 7 million hungry readers every month. Our audience comes to us for rigorously tested recipes, science-driven cooking techniques, robust equipment reviews, and stories that offer cultural and historical context to the foods we love to eat.

The four recipes are: Kabab Halla (Egyptian meat stew), Bissara (a dip of split fava beans and aromatic herbs), Fatta (festive rice and meat dish), Basbousa bel Ashta (Semolina cake stuffed with cream).


New York Times, Dec 16th 2022

In this article “On the Arab Christmas table”, by Reem Kassis, the Palestinian-American writer, I was interviewed about my Christmas food traditions as an Egyptian-American for Christmas.

Rolled Grape Leaves
Rolled Grape Leaves

Episode 5 – Colors Candid Conversation

In this episode of “Colors Candid Conversation Show”, I share with the audience of “Colors Asia Pacific”, a Singapore-based Indian channel, snippets of my life as food writer and diplomat’s spouse, while demonstrating how to cook Kushari in clear easy steps.

Kushari is the most iconic Egyptian street food that surprisingly has Indian roots. Watch the full episode here.


I was honored and thrilled to contribute in the media campaign of the US embassy in Singapore, promoting the American tradition of Thanksgiving and the diversity of American cuisine. 

In this pre-covid episode, I walked the alleys of the Singaporean wet markets, sharing with the international audience the abundance of fresh produce in the red dot, while shopping for my Egyptian-American menu for Thanksgiving dinner.

Vegan Pumpkin Coconut Recipe 

Video credit to US embassy in Singapore

In this video, I create the Pumpkin-Coconut Pudding dish, a fusion, vegan, and sweet dish that is inspired by Egyptian Pumpkin Pudding, spiced up by American flavors, and made of Asian ingredients.

Mediterranean Life Style Magazine 

Find in this issue of the Mediterranean Life Style, my authentic Egyptian recipe of Bran Sea Bass. This recipe hails from Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt where I grew up.


I contributed to the Autumn edition of Mediterranean Lifestyle Magazine with the iconic Egyptian street food Kushari. In addition to the step-by-step recipe, I cited the best places in Cairo to have a memorable Kushari meal.

Foul Madames or Egyptian Stew of FAVA Beans is a street food that fills  stomachs and put a big smile on the faces of locals and tourists alike. This humble meal can’t be more delicious or satisfying. In this family signature rendition, I use the same technique that my grandma used to cook it from scratch.



The Storied Recipe Podcast 

A guest of the podcast “The Storied Recipe” by the adept food photographer and podcaster Becky Hadid, I talk about my journey with food, weaving in my coptic-Egyptian origins, my upbringing in Egypt, as well as m nomad life as former diplomat and current diplomat’s spouse in nine different cities across five continents.

Listen to the full episode here.

Photo credit to Becky Hadid

Who is going to eat that?

Hosted by the UK-based nutritionist Wendy Hills, I talk about the health benefits of Egyptian Cuisine and its iconic recipes steeped in 7000+ years of history.

Access the full episode here.

Rolled Grape Leaves
Rolled Grape Leaves