Keto & Vegan Dalgona Iced Coffee

Dalgona Iced Coffee

Dalgona Iced Coffee is a real treat for Coffee afecionados, and it is simply perfect to stay happy midst this summer heatwave. It sounds fancy, but Dalgona Iced Coffee can’t be easier to make.

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Keto Zaatar Bread: خبز الكيتو بالزعتر

Keto Zaatar Bread

Keto Zaatar bread is the ultimate fashion to satiate your bread cravings midst your pursuit of a low carb diet. It is jam packed with protein, fiberand antioxidants and makes excellent sandwiches bread. 

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No-Bake Alaska Cake

If you are looking for a showstopper, yet effortless cake, this No Bake Alaska Cake is for you! It calls for a store-bought cake base, topped with three layers of ice cream, and encased with homemade meringue that is torched and not baked.

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Fried Kobeba/Kibbeh Recipe كبيبة أو كبة

Kobeba pronounced as Ko-Be-Bah, (also known as Kibbeh) is a delightful festive appetizer or side dish made of crispy, wafer-thin crust of bulgur and meat that encases a luscious ground meat mixed with nuts and raisins.

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