Meet Aline Masrelian: Resilience is Female

Aline Masrelian: Resilience is Female 


In case you are an Armenian-Syrian female entrepreneur looking for an extra dose of inspiration, Listen to this true story of Aline! 

Aline is an activist, business strategist, co-founder and manger of Haleb food brand and the recipient of the Presidential Honesty Award.

Braving a harsh business reality in there mother land, Armenia, Aline managed to establish an impactful food business that infused the local Armenian food scene with the pungent spices and refined food ingredients that she grew up with in Syria.

When the time was right, along with her husband and business partner Gevork, they launched together the first Middle Eastern bakery in Armenia, which produced the finest baklava and kataifi the town has known. 

In addition to Alines’s business impact on improving the culinary scene, it has an equally strong impact on women empowerment.  Aline hires underprivileged women from remote rural areas and offer her stores, as high profile platforms, to micro enterprises led by women, to display their quality food products. 

To know more about Aline,  check her IG page @haleb_store.