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Why choose to work with Chez Nermine?

Chez Nermine is a  platform founded and managed by Nermine Mitry-Mansour.  Inspired by her Egyptian food heritage, Nermine is on a mission to actively advocate healthy ingredients, and provide busy families and individuals with easy, wholesome, and cross cultural recipes they can enjoy.

From Halal, kosher, to vegan, Nermine’s extraordinary nomad (expat) life across five continents has provided Chez Nermine with an in-depth understanding of different food cultures around the world. This global culinary exposure enables Nermine to professionally cater to an eclectic audience with different dietary preferences and tastes.

Committed to excellence here at Chez Nermine, we constantly invest in embracing new knowledge, learning with the masters of food writing and photography, and investing in reliable, advanced gadgets that deliver commercially rewarding results. 

Here how I can help you:

  • Content Creation

Whether you are a magazine on the lookout for a fresh pen that can generate new food ideas, Nermine can help you reach your goals.

To view a sample of Chez Nermine’s food articles and videos, browse here:

A. Videos

B. Articles

  • Recipe development

Photo credit to Kolours by Kika

Using your company’s preferred ingredients, Nermine would be delighted to create healthy and easy to follow recipes to your discerning clients. 

  • Cooking Classes and Demonstrations

This is a fun way to gather colleagues, family, and friends for a culinary bonding and team building experience like no other!

Not to worry, Nermine uses simple and hands-on cooking techniques that are easy and fun for beginners to learn. This is ideal for all skill levels!

Nermine can deliver live cooking classes of Egyptian/mediterranean/Middle Eastern in four languages: Arabic, French, English, or Spanish.

  • Giveaways & Books and product reviews

My audience is mostly cross cultural, well traveled, and health conscious individuals. Therefore, we use only the best locally sourced, all natural and semi-natural (as well as exotic) ingredients.

We offer objective and honest reviews of ingredients and appliances, which help improve your products and promote the best value to your clients.

Please note that: 

1-  A disclaimer will be included in any post which includes a product provided by a company or partner.

2-We only provide product reviews and giveaways after we have tested and could vouch for the products themselves. 

  • One-on-One Meal Planning Coaching session

    Photo credit to Kolours by Kika

Are you in need for someone to help you carve an adaptable meal plan that can save you time, money and energy? Nermine can definitely help you with that!

Most times, we just need someone to motivate and guide us on how to make wonderful recipes with less time and effort so you have more time enjoying the company of family and friends. 

For individuals, Nermine would love to mentor you in your culinary journey to healthy, unique menus that will leave your family and friends wanting for more! 

Perhaps you wish to include your family and friends on this culinary journey, just reach out and we can craft an experience you will all enjoy and remember for years to come!

  • Brand Ambassadorship, Sponsorship & Advertisements 

If it sounds like we are truly aligned to partner together, Nermine welcomes the opportunity of becoming an ambassador for your brand or product. Using videos/articles/feed, your product will be advertised  and shared across my digital platforms that will surely address your Return of Investment (ROI).

Let’s discuss in detail, and see how we can work together by emailing us at:

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If one of our services calls on to you, and your goals as an individual or a company align with Chez Nermine’s, we will be delighted to collaborate with you!

Send us an email at or fill up the contact form below,  and one of our Chez Nermine team members will connect with you within 2-4 business days.