Coptic Orthodox Christmas: Plan B

Happy 2020 everyone!

Since I immigrated to the US, I came to celebrate Christmas twice a year with two weeks in between.

To many that might sound a bit strange!  However, it is simple to explain.  Typically, Coptic Orthodox Christians who are by definition the indigenous of Egypt celebrate Christmas on January 7th.

When I (a Christian Egyptian) moved to the US, I adopted the tradition of hosting an inclusive western-style Christmas dinner or a cocktail, where I serve my guests a plethora of international festive dishes and heaps of modern cookies.

As for the Coptic Christmas menu, I choose to revisit my mom’s nativity dishes.  I tend though to twist them to share them with my immediate family and close friends.

Unfortunately this year, a medical emergency in our family interrupted our western Christmas plans.  We spend Dec. 24th at the hospital and had pizza for lunch on the 25th.

The good news that Coptic Christmas comes as a saver plan B.

We promised the kids to make it up for them on Jan.6th by having a proper Christmas dinner where they put on their glittery Christmas gowns and share an ornated table with close friends whom we like to call family.

So please don’t be surprised if you keep receiving from my blog posts of Christmas cookies and festive dishes. The nativity celebrations traditionally extend until Epiphany.  So hang in there.

See you on my next post.

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