The Art of Forging Bonds Through Culinary Diplomacy: Episode #031 of The Storied Recipe Podcast

We are too busy to realize how far we’ve come in our life until someone intentionally invites us to our earliest stations in life.

Recently, Becky Hadid, the talented food photographer/blogger, and seasoned host of The Storied Recipe Podcast reached out asking me to share my journey with food and diplomacy with her audience.

It is the story that started in the cosmopolitan city of Alexandria, Egypt, and then in Cairo where I studied political science, to lead afterwards the most extraordinary life across five continents.

In this podcast I share the unexpected turn of events that flipped my life on its head, shaped my destiny, and brought to life “Chez Nermine”, my food blog where I nostalgically share my nomadic memoirs.

Along with the podcast, Becky shared one of my favorite signature recipes with her audience: Pecan-Dates Molasses Bites. I created this recipe for a Christmas cocktail that I hosted overseas a couple of years ago for a large cross-cultural expat crowd.

Becky, who followed the recipe to a T, managed to craft breathtaking photos that took my humble sweet bites to the next level.

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