Beid Bel Basturma (Fried Eggs Over Crispy Basturma) بيض بالبسطرمة

Eggs with Basturma

Beid Bel Basturma is an iconic Armenian-Egyptian breakfast or brunch that reflects the influence of the Armenian minority on Egyptian Cuisine. Cracking eggs over thin slices of basturma (spiced cured beef) that are sizzling in a pool of hot ghee or butter, can’t be more glorious.

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What Is Beid Bel Basturma?

The experience of savoring Egyptian Beid Bel Basturma (or bastirma) for breakfast or brunch is nothing short of a miracle, so let us dive in!

Beid in Arabic means eggs, and basturma is cured beef tenderloin wrapped in a robust blanket of spice paste made of paprika, garlic, and fenugreek.

Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek is a robust spice used in flavoring Basturma

When the wafer-thin Basturma slices hit a pan with sizzling ghee/butter, the spice paste (wrapping the Basturma) melts away into the fat, imparting a feast of flavors and aromas and forming a tantalizing sauce, which begs to be scooped with a fluffy pita.

Basturma and eggs are by far a match made in heaven. Eggs on their own are bland and gamey protein, yet they are transformed when paired with the unapologetic fiery flavors of basturma. So let us get to know basturma better.

What Is Basturma

Think of Basturma as the bolder Middle Eastern version of bacon. Basturma means a log of cured dry beef.

The process of making basturma takes up to a week or probably more, depending on the dryness of the climate. The process starts with dehydrating and drawing out the moisture of the beef tenderloin using salt and heavy weights, then air drying the log for 48 hours, before it is covered thoroughly with the spice paste and air dried again for another 2-3 days.

When I lived in Armenia, I made sure to learn and document on my blog the authentic Armenian recipe. So I met with Gayene, a Basturma maven who makes her Basturma from scratch. If you are interested in learning the step by step recipe click here.

The Origin Of Basturma 

Basturma arrived to Egypt as well as the levant with the Armenians who flocked to the Middle East in 1915, fleeing the Armenian genocide.

Armenians believe that Basturma dates back to medieval ages, when fighters relied on those highly seasoned logs as a protein source.  The war survival food evolved into a delicacy, and one of the highlights of Armenian food repertoire.

Anywhere in the world, where Armenians exist, basturma is there too.

Armenians started the industry of basturma in Egypt. Basturma was well received and liked by Egyptians who soon embraced it as a food staple.

Armenian Basturma
Armenian Bastruma. Stock Image: @Canva

To this day, I vividly remember the scenery of hanging Basturma logs off the roof of large balconies in some residential neighborhoods in Alexandria, my hometown.

Basturma was and still is omnipresent in Egyptian grocery stores. Objectively speaking, my favorite basturma is the one made in Egypt, hands down. It is soft and the spices blanket is made just right.

How To Eat Basturma?

Other than Eggs with Basturma, you can serve basturma as:

  • An appetizer along with cheese and other cold cuts.
  • A carpaccio dish, thinly sliced and served with crackers and grissini.
  • Basturma Carpaccio
    Basturma Carpaccio
  • A canapé topping, served over crusty bread along with cheese and/or tomatoes.
  • For a change mix in some chopped basturma with Brussel sprouts and roast them.
  • A filling for sandwiches and paninis, mixed with cheese.
Basturma and Cheese Sandwich
Basturma and Cheese Sandwich

Where To Buy Basturma?

You can buy basturma online on, or in any Middle Eastern, Armenian, Turkish, and sometimes Russian grocery stores across the globe.

How To Serve Beid Bel Basturma

Beid Bel Bastumra is best served hot with warm pita bread to soak up the runny egg yolks and ghee drips infused with the Basturma spices.

Sprinkle the eggs with some Zaatar, I find the fragrant Zaatar prefect to set off the pungent smell of fenugreek.


Basturma is notorious for its strong smell that emanates from the fenugreek spice mixed in its spice blanket. Therefore, if you are planning on trying that dish, make sure to have it on a leisure day when no business meetings or romantic dates are scheduled.

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Disclaimer:Chez Nermine blog is an Amazon Associate. We earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. Our commission doesn’t affect the  price of the product you purchase.

Beid Bel Basturma: (Egyptian Sunny Side Over Cripsy Spiced Cured Beef)

Eggs with Basturma
Eggs with Basturma


  • 1 tablespoon of ghee or butter
  • 2- 3 large eggs
  • 3 to 4 slices of Bastruma
  • Salt & pepper, to taste
  • Zaatar (optional)


  1. Add the butter or ghee to a frying pan over medium-low heat until it melts and starts foaming. Carefully add the Basturma slices. Once it darkens in color, crack the eggs on top. Sprinkle the eggs with salt and pepper, and/or some Zaatar. Let it sizzle for 30 seconds, and then remove from the heat.
  2. Serve Beid Bel Basturma with warm pita bread to soak up the runny egg yolks and to wipe the ghee/butter drips infused with the Basturma spices.


  • Other than sunny side up eggs, You can mix the crispy basturma with scrambled eggs.

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