Kahk Bel Agameya (Egyptian Agameya-Filled Cookies): كحك بالعجمية

Kahak Bel Agameya

Egyptian religious feasts are incomplete without Kahk (Festive Egyptian cookies). Kahak Bel Agameya is by far, the king of all Egyptian cookies. It is a flaky cookie stuffed with Agameya, a candy like filling made of ghee, flour, sesame, and nuts. This blog post will show you how to make these heritage cookies like a pro.

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No-Bake Alaska Cake

If you are looking for a showstopper, yet effortless cake, this No Bake Alaska Cake is for you! It calls for a store-bought cake base, topped with three layers of ice cream, and encased with homemade meringue that is torched and not baked.

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Homemade Light Cheese Balls in Four Distinct Flavors

These mini light cheese balls are made out of skimmed milk and mixed with fresh herbs, tomatoes, seasoning, and onions. For an additional layer of sophistication and beauty, these mini balls are coated with different flavors: chipotle pepper, walnuts, za’atar, and black sesame seeds. They make an excellent healthy snack and elegant cocktail food.

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