Qatayef Recipe: No-Fail Middle Eastern Pancakes قطايف

Atayef filled with Cream and drizzled with simple syrup.

This is a no-fail Qatayef recipe that comes with traditional and non traditional filling options. Qatayef is a quitessional treat during Ramadan that is made of pancake-like batter, filled with nuts, cheese, or cream. Some are folded in a half moon shape and deep fried, while others are cone-shaped and filled with
Ashta (clotted cream), sprinkled with nuts and drizzled with simple syrup.  

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Macarona Béchamel/Forn: The dish that bridges three cultures

Macarona Béchamel (aka Macarona Forn) is an Egyptian pasta bake, and a one pot meal that has three layers: penne pasta, spices-spiked, luscious red meat sauce, and a silky, smooth white sauce on top. The dish is an iconic crowd pleaser in Egypt. It is nutritious, make ahead, freezer friendly, and excellent potluck dish that garners compliments like no other.

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Kushari (Egypt’s Iconic Vegan Street Food): كشري

Kushari, Koshari or Koushari is a must-try Egyptian vegan street food that you could easily create in your own kitchen.  It encompasses heaps of playful vermicelli rice, mixed with cooked-to-perfection lentils, tender chickpeas, topped with crispy fried onions and, served with two sauce: a fiery tomato sauce, and Daqqah, a tangy, cumin spiked vinegar-garlic condiment.

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